By Major Burdock, The Goldwater · 06-03-2017
Photo credit: President Donald J, Trump | Twitter.com

The Goldwater has uncovered the secret with the help of Dr. A. True Ott, Ph.D. on his Radio show, "The Story Behind The Story" Friday night.

True quickly pointed out that our pointed and purposeful respelling of the President's cryptic tweeted word means 'We go forward regardless of all" in Arabic.

Our original report:

What is Cofveve? Is is a secret code? A go signal to Mad Dog Mattis? Does it unleash a wave of revolution? Or did president Trump simply drop his phone?

#covfefe was re-tweeted more than 105,000 times and received more than 148,000 likes.

Some great speculation and debate is surely coming!

Source: Twitter.com


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