By: Savannah Smith | 10-31-2016 | News
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A Democrat and former Clinton ally says U.S. can not afford a Hillary victory

Fearing the very real and troubling prospect of the U.S. facing a constitutional crisis should Hillary Clinton win, a known Democrat who worked under the Bill Clinton's presidency for six years said he could not, in conscience, vote for Hillary as a result of FBI's decision to reopen investigation into her private email server scandal.

Douglas Schoen, a Fox News contributor and a co-host of Fox News Insider, a Democrat who worked as pollster and political consultant for Bill Cinton from 1994-2000 wrote in a column for The and reprinted by Fox News that rejecting Hillary in this election was a difficult decision he had to make, both politically and personally. But he had to make the choice for the good of the country.

Schoen said that the FBI's decision to revive its investigation of Hillary's criminal liability due to the private server has completely changed the impact of this election on the future of the American nation. He fears that the country can not afford a constitutional crisis, in any event that Hillary wins the election.

The Fox News host said that as it is, America has already become so divided under eight years of the Obama administration. This campaign season has also further magnified such divisions. For Schoen, the country will not be able to withstand the further troubles the investigation of the scandal would bring- that is, under a possible Clinton presidency.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has made many comparisons with Hillary's scandal to the infamous Watergate scandal of former president Richard Nixon. Schoen said he remembers Watergate only too well and how it once paralyzed the U.S. government. He recalled that because of the scandal, the American government was practically rendered impotent, unable to govern and worst for the citizens, was unable to meet its responsibilities to the American public. Schoen is worried the very same scary scenarios will happen, should Hillary win.

Regardless of the would-be findings of the fresh wave of investigations, Schoen said that under a possible Clinton presidency, she will not enjoy the traditional honeymoon period. Her first 100 days will be rocked by further partisan divisions and polarizations, with little chance of constructive legislative action for the country.

Under a scary Clinton presidency, chances are we will see another hyper-partisan, gridlocked Washington, and that's very bad for the country.

As bad or hurtful as the joke may even sound, but a Clinton presidency may even make Russian President Putin's attack that the U.S. is a banana republic, appear true. Under a Hillary administration, and with ongoing investigations by the FBI, DOJ and even Congress, our national security will be in peril because national attention is focused on the scandal, it puts the U.S. at risk of more assertive actions in Europe, Middle East and Asia by the Russians and the Chinese.

For Schoen, it is also unimaginable for an incoming president to be put in a situation that she will need the pardon of the outgoing president- or needs to pardon herself- in order to govern.

Even as a Democrat and despite having faithfully served under Bill Clinton, for the good of the country, Schoen said he can not vote for Hillary Clinton because the Americans can not afford a Clinton presidency and all the troubles it brings.

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