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Report: 5,556 Non-Citizen Voters Were Removed From Rolls in Va since 2011

An intriguing report was recently unleashed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation indicating that Virginia removed more than 5,000 non-citizen voters from the rolls. The report caught Stuart Varney’s attention, he highlighted it on his FBN show on Thursday.

The report reveals that 5,556 voters were removed since 2011 and one-third of them cast ballots. The officials removed the voters between 2011 and May 2017. Among the voters that were removed, 1,852 of them cast ballots.

The illegal ballots that were cast from the pool of removed noncitizens total 7,474. There are records of illegal voting that date back to the 1980s before they were purged. The election officials in Virginia often fail to alert the law enforcement about the illegal registrations or votes.

Hillary Clinton, a major beneficially of the illegal voting, had it rough after Stuart Varney blasted her for making excuses as to why she lost, although she never acknowledges allegations of illegal voting.

Obama’s administration was no exception to the heavy critic. Varney blasted Obama for failing to allow a list of non-citizens in the United States to be checked against voter rolls to potentially root out illegal votes.

A bill to knock green card-holders off the Virginia voter rolls was vetoed by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe who is a close ally of Clinton.

In response, Judge Andrew Napolitano argued that the Clinton campaign should have been ready on Election Day to file legal challenges if they believed voter suppression was a factor, as they claimed in Wisconsin.

The situation in Virginia has been branded as reprehensible by Napolitano, as he criticized Republicans in Virginia for not challenging the governor in a court of law.


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