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"When the outcome is fixed, when the system is rigged, people lose hope. They stop dreaming. They stop trying, Hillary Clinton's corruption is corrosive to the soul of our nation and it must be stopped," Trump said, as he addressed people in the Southwest United States.

"There's a lot of noise and distraction but it really comes down to the kind of future we want and who can get us there," Clinton said, as she addressed the gay community in Wilton Manors, Florida.

There is just one more week until the election which will determine the next President of the United States. The candidates are taking it down to the wire. Mrs. Bill Clinton is fighting the biggest fires of her campaign as her lead in the polls collapsed following the FBI’s reopening of the investigation of her email scandal.

Donald Trump, is stoking the bellows and making the fire hotter for her, with his relentless insights into her campaign’s illegal, and unethical behavior. In Hollywood, Trump supporters are so certain of his upcoming victory, they are putting in a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

This election is going to be close, and the polls can’t be the judge of it. They have been proven to be stacked against the Republican party by oversampling. The race will be between those that have vested special interest in having Hillary elected. The people that don’t care about her criminal behavior, because they will gain from her elected. Those on welfare, and those that benefit from open borders. They are the large corporate donors to Hillary’s campaign.

With Donald Trump leading those who the special interest groups and welfare recipients take advantage of. The middle class will follow Donald Trump to victory this November 8. They are tired of being the only people in the United States paying income tax. When their income tax goes to those that don’t work, and helps the groups that take the good jobs out of the United States.

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