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Hillary Still Can’t Accept Defeat, Peddles More Lies to ‘Explain’ Crushing Loss

Defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is not even an inch closer to moving on from her crushing loss last year. She gave yet another lengthy post-election “analysis” on Wednesday at the Recode Code Conference making excuses again for her setback and blaming right-wing, pro-Donald Trump machine that supposedly “manipulated” social media and pushed false information.

Unfortunately, she also peddled lies in the conference. For one, Hillary claimed that Twitter allowed its platform to let false content run amok and enabling users and bots to spread fake stories and extremist narratives.

Hillary said: “I think Twitter has become victimized by deliberate efforts to shape the conversation and push it toward conspiracies, lies, false information.” She also alleged that President Trump has recently gained millions of followers due to a massive bot army. She even speculated that the boost in Trump’s followers are intended to “ make him more popular than he is.”

Hillary’s theory has been quickly debunked, and her lie exposed. A Twitter representative has officially denied Hillary’s allegations. The boost in the number of followers also did not happen only with the President’s account, @POTUS, which had 18 million followers about four days ago, and saw it rise to 18.2 million followers on Wednesday. Trump’s personal account, @realDonaldTrump, had 30.7 million followers a couple of days ago and then saw an increase to 31 million on Wednesday. But such rise in number of followers is not particular with Trump, as other large accounts including Barack Obama, celebrity Justin Bieber, and even Hillary herself, also gained significant increases in their followers.

In another point, Hillary also complained about the supposed power of “media forces on the Republican side” arguing that outlets like Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting are purportedly “beginning to influence the coverage of local stations across the country.”

Hillary specifically pointed to a local NBC affiliate in Montana and how it covered newly-elected Congressman Greg Gianforte, a Republican, and his alleged attack on Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs last week. Hillary accused NBC affiliate in Montana of refusing to send footage of what happened to NBC in New York after they supposedly requested for it.

Hillary’s narration is again neither complete nor true. The Montana TV station did not actually have footage of the Giaforte incident, but at the time also refused to cover the story and air audio of the body slamming brouhaha. The station has already apologized for its decision.

Trump did not let Hillary’s fresh wave of bitter and vicious attacks go unnoticed. He also had a mouthful that put her in her place. The President tweeted: “Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate Hits Facebook & even Dems & DNC.”


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Anonymous No. 3330 2017-06-01 : 21:53

The World tweeted: “Crooked Donald Trump now blames everybody but himself, refuses to say he is a terrible candidate Hits Facebook & even Dems & DNC.”

There, that's better.

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