By: Amanda Vandenberg | 10-31-2016 | News

FBI Obtains Warrant to Search Weiner Devices: HILLARY IS SCREWED

The FBI has had the emails that were found on Anthony Weiner’s phone for several weeks. Today they received a search warrant to look through them. The Department of Justice and Loretta Lynch had been trying to block the reopening of the investigation into the Clinton email scandal.

This is why James Comey addressed Congress directly with the new findings. Now that there is a warrant, it is possible if something criminal is found to indict Clinton before the November 8 election.

Mrs. Clinton has attempted to stop this email drama from happening. First by deleting the emails in question, but the truth keeps popping up. lLke Anthony Weiner, the email scandal can’t stay hidden, but will continue to trouble Hillary Clinton until it is resolved.

It would be in Clinton’s best interest, to admit guilt and then be pardoned by the outgoing President Obama. He has pardoned more people than any other modern president. I am sure just one more pardon for her would not be so much to ask of President Obama.

Surely President Trump will not pardon her, and she could spend substantial time in Federal Prison if found guilty. I just can’t believe the rumors of Hillary running away to Qatar could be true. That doesn’t seem like the locale this modern woman would want to spend her waning years in.

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