By: Savannah Smith | 05-31-2017 | News
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Online User Gives Ramadan Greetings to Muslims with Photo of Appetizing Bacon

Anti-Muslim individuals have taken to the favorite of many meat-loving people to taunt or insult Muslims: bacon. A Twitter user named George McIntyre ‘observed’ Ramadan with Muslims by tweeting them a picture of bacon cooking.

Ramadan is a holy month in Islam where its practitioners engage in fasting throughout the prescribed period.

Such stunt is nothing new, as other anti-Muslim xenophobes have resulted to using bacon in the past to bait Muslims into a fight or to offend them. Cambridgeshire Police once investigated an anti-Muslim hate crime after a piece of bacon was left on a Muslim’s car handle in April this year.

The slice of bacon left on the car handle was cooked, leaving a small streak of fat along the door.

Bacon has always been used by anti-Muslim far-right people to also target mosques in the past including in Bristol, London, and Edinburgh in recent years. It is because bacon is one of the most popular pork products. Muslims don’t eat pork based from the teaching of their holy book, Koran.

In 2014 a severed pig’s head was dumped at a Blackpool mosque. In 2016, the staff at an Islamic faith school in Portsmouth discovered a severed pig’s head tied to their gates. Also in November 2016, two Polish men were jailed after throwing bacon strips at worshippers at the Al-Rahman Mosque in North London.

Far-right party Britain First once declared that burying a pig on the grounds of a mosque could prevent its construction. Online, one nationalist account said: “Muslims should only be allowed to breathe if they agree to eat bacon, then after they do it, shoot them anyway.”

Muslims have denied the false notion that their sensibilities are offended by the slightest reference to pork.


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