By: Savannah Smith | 10-31-2016 | News
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Pollster Give 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win and Hillary Will Lose

Hillary Clinton's supporters felt that it's all over but the shouting- that they have this election in the bag. They refer to Clinton as the inevitable next U.S. president, and hail the historic element that she will be the first American woman president. Such was their narrative just a few days ago. But the FBI's announcement of its revival of the Hillary private email server scandal completely changes all the premature celebrations of the Hillary camp. The FBI development is proving to be the ultimate buzzer-beater game changer.

Pollster John Zogby believes that the substance and timing of the FBI decision could not be worse for Hillary who has been leading all through out the presidential race. Zogby thinks this latest controversy has the potential of completely derailing Hillary's journey to the White House, and may be just the 11-th hour miracle that Donald Trump needed to beat Hillary to the finish line.

Zogby gives five reasons why Trump will win, and Hillary will lose in this election.

1. The FBI's decision to reopen its investigation into the Hillary email scandal changes the conversation of the election and undermines Clinton.

It will be very tough, if not nearly improbable, for Hillary to get back on track after the issue has seriously derailed her candidacy and once almost apparent victory. The issue from now to election will simply not disappear, especially in the minds of voters. While it is unlikely that the FBI will conclude its reinvestigation in just a week's time, the cloud of doubt on Hillary will persist. It will be a strong reminder to voters , especially among undecided voters, of why they seem to have a difficult time coming to terms with voting for Hillary in the first place. This FBI probe will reaffirm such doubt all the more.

2. It will supercharge Clinton's declining numbers in the polls while Trump is rising.

Again, the timing could not have been worse for Hillary just as the race is getting tighter. Her once formidable 12- point advantage in the ABC News/Washington Post national daily tracking poll has been cut to a mere 2-percentage point yesterday; and now it's down to a mere 1 point lead. The next poll could see Trump overtake Hillary.

3. The email scandal and FBI's reopening the case completely shatters the myth that in this election, Hillary is the lesser evil between her and Trump.

Just as the undecided voters are on the verge of narrowly choosing "the-lesser-evil-Hillary" now with this revelation, they are very likely to change their minds. Millennials who have been struggling with serious doubts now have all the more reason to run away from Hillary. They have not been very enthusiastic with her candidacy in the first place, and news like the FBI's announcement just raised their doubts further.

4. The email scandal reminds people of why they have a strong dislike for Hillary. As Zogby puts it " regardless of public service and advocacy, Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to have the smell of self- aggrandizement surrounding them."

5. Linking former Rep. Anthony Weiner and the FBI probe of his sexting to Clinton is simply a kiss of death. Zogby says Anthony Weiner is absolutely the last name Hillary and her Democrats want to hear right now. It will simply be difficult for Hillary to take the high moral ground when the " lowest of the low" is linked to her campaign.

The FBI reopening of the Hillary case may just be the biggest story of the campaign- for both parties. And now we're looking at a completely changed ballgame in our midst.

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