By Major Burdock  |  05-31-2017   News
Photo credit: Donald Trump |

Donald Trump was clearly having fun today. After deleting the tweet, which caused a huge uproar for unknown reasons, Trump followed up with this taunting tweet:

"Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ??? Enjoy!"

Covfefe has now been turned into some kind of treasure hunt.


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Ick Ig No. 3301 1496243305

The Uproar wasn't for "unknown reasons", but rather because people where speculating about what it was and an anonymous user came up with the idea that Trump was possibly tiping up one of his infamous tweets when one of his officials "took his phone away from him", the fight that followed somehow hitting a few random buttons and sending the tweet.

s.imachi No. 3318 1496315218

about the covfefe: Who actually cares and bothers to even consider to react on such an infantile and arrogant narcistic fiddling by this man. It amazes me, the level who jump on it as if the giant urge analysing a fart of this man…What a folly

Anonymous No. 3332 1496354710

Isn't "covfefe" just Trump speaking normally?

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