What is Cofveve?

By Major Burdock, The Goldwater · 05-31-2017
Photo credit: Donald Trump | Twitter.com


What is Cofveve (AKA Covfefe)?

Is is a secret code? A go signal to Mad Dog Mattis? Does it unleash a wave of revolution? Or did president Trump simply drop his phone?

#covfefe was re-tweeted more than 105,000 times and received more than 148,000 likes.

Dr. A. True Ott, PhD - offers this take on the True meaning of Covfefe -


Some great speculation and debate is surely coming!

Source: Twitter.com


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I still believe he acts like a man in the final stages of Syphilis. I have never seen my county pursue a love affair with Russia like it is doing now. They swore to bury us and they just might be going to achieve their goal under this President

Its an acronym

I'm celebrating with this tee.


What a idiot

How can republicans stand by this, and call him our leader, he is a embaressment to our country and the american people, anybody knows he is making millions every day, we are just considered barefoot rednecks who dont know anything get real, get rud of him

Go Covfefe yourself !!!!!!

"Calling On Vlad For Entertainment From Emails"









There you go… solved.

What is Cofveve?

By Major Burdock,

Hey Major BurhDork, if you're going to write news articles at least get the headline right, you prat, you right cofveve in headline 5 lines up from correct spelling(? we assume) from the word in the image "covfefe", better watch out you might be catching Trump's Disease, While not currently fatal it means your I.Q. goes into single figures while somehow still enabling the body to function, as yet there's no known cure.

"Cov fe'fe" in Arabic means "I will stand up."

Trump tweeted "Despite the constant negative press, I will stand up." The question is, why is this egocentric narcissist now tweeting in Arabic???

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