By: Katherine Davis | 05-30-2017 | News
Photo credit: Prezes RM Beata Szydło | Wikimedia Commons

Poland Fights Refugee Crisis

As the European migrant crisis goes on and refugees keep flooding Europe, one of the few countries to still stand against it is Poland. In response to the Manchester Arena attack and increasing pressure on the country, Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydło held a speech addressing several issues and clarifying their stance.

In her speech, she strongly describes her and Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz’ dedication to their country and its people. While Brussels and the European Union leadership allow millions of unverified refugees into countries in the name of political correctness and tolerate the increasing amount of terrorist attacks as mere incidents, she stated that Poland will do everything in its power to keep the country safe for its people, so no one has to fear going to any public venues or events.

European Union leaders have been threatening Poland with sanctions over their refusal to allow high numbers of refugees in their country. Szydło insists that no amount of blackmail by anyone will cause her and the Polish government to give in and fail their own people. She states that what is happening is “a war against Europe, our culture, and our traditions” and that they will fight it.

In her speech, she said: “Europe, rise from your knees and awaken from lethargy! Otherwise, you will soon be weeping for your children every day!” and received a standing ovation in response.

Instead of foolishly allowing their own country to be destroyed, Poland invests in developing humanitarian aid and working on international projects that assist people in need in Syria and other countries.


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