By: Savannah Smith | 10-31-2016 | News
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After FBI's Revelation, Clinton's Poll Lead Has Vanished

Hillary Clinton from a high of 12 percentage point advantage just a few days ago to a mere 2 percentage point yesterday, now Hillary Clinton's lead has been further shrunk to just a 1 point advantage over Donald Trump, following FBI's Friday announcement that it will be reopening its investigation into the private email server scandal of Hillary.

The further diminishing of Hillary's lead or almost in practical sense now non-lead is from the latest national daily tracking poll by ABC News/ Washington Post, with Clinton and Trump in essentially a statistical tie position with a 46 percentage and 45 percentage points respectively.

Only a few days ago, Clinton was coasting along a very comfortable lead of 50 percentage point over Trump's 38% from the same poll. Some have even described Hillary's lead as insurmountable.

There's a reversal of political fortune, it seems. If Trump's campaign was rocked by crisis after crisis in the first half of October with the release of a decade-old recording and succeeding allegations of sexual assault, the end of October has seen Hillary hit by a number of grave controversies. This week has been especially rough for Hillary with the continuous releases of WikiLeaks unfavorable to her, ethical issues hounding the Clinton Foundation, the backlash from Obamacare's hike in premiums, and the most explosive bombshell being FBI's decision to reopen its case against her on the private email server scandal.

The poll reveals that 34% of likely voters say they are less inclined to support Hillary following the FBI's announcement.

In contrast, Trump has rebounded strongly as the poll shows his support among independents grow over the last 24 hours. Their support swayed dramatically from being in Hillary's favor by 6% last week to handing Trump a 16-point advantage Saturday and jumping to 19 percent on Sunday.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3% point, conducted among 1,781 respondents. The poll had the partisan divisions of 37% Democrats, 28% Republicans and 30% independents. Mobile and landline phones were used for the survey, with English and Spanish for languages utilized.

The poll was conducted from Tuesday to Friday, which signifies that respondents could only be asked on the final day about FBI's new revelation.

It is interesting then to tune in to the next few days results of further polls as more voters become aware of the latest FBI issue on Hillary, and as we inch closer to the election day on November 8.

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Anonymous No. 462 2016-11-13 : 05:04

And remember, folks, USA Today has the "fraud factor" already built in.

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