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A landmark investigation by a grand jury has identified over 300 "predator priests" in six of Pennsylvania's Roman Catholic dioceses. The findings were revealed Friday when the state Supreme Court ordered the report to be made public. The Supreme Court judges said the report on child sex abuse at the hands of clergy goes back decades and allegations of cover-ups were rampant although the "individual-specific information" of the priests and their cohorts will not be made public in the initial version.

Due to the priests and others who have challenged the findings, the court wants the redaction process to be completed no later than August 8, which is when the 800-page report is expected to be released. If the priests dispute the redactions made by the court-appointed special master, the release of the report could be delayed by a week. Currently, some priests and others say their constitutional rights are being violated because they were not able to address the grand jury prompting the Supreme Court to consider their objections.

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Chief Justice Thomas Saylor said, "We believe that the risk that the grand jury's pronouncements will be seen as carrying the weight of governmental and judicial authority — and as themselves embodying the voice of the community relative to particular findings — is substantial." Saylor claims the subjects of the reports ability to file written responses is "not sufficiently effective." Which is lawyer speak for delaying the process which will almost certainly lead to indictments?

Saylor added, "For example, with regard to (the report)'s depiction of more than 300 clergymen as 'predator priests,' this assertion will not be suppressed on the basis that a particular appellant has been named as being among the 300." The accused priests have several attorneys between them, all of whom have declined media requests to comment.

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The report is the culmination of a two-year investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse, failure to report it, endangering the welfare of children, and obstruction of justice by people "associated with the Roman Catholic Church, local public officials and community leaders." The report seems to implicate high-level church and local officials which seems to indicate this pedophile ring ran very deep and was rooted in corruption.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the court's decision is a victory for the survivors of the abuse. "Our fear throughout this process has been that the entire grand jury report would be shelved and victims' truth would be silenced. Today's order ensures that will not be the case."

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Anonymous No. 32545 1532744855

Hopefully this is what completely opens the eyes of the blind Catholics to the horrific shit that has been all to common!

tab No. 32569 1532785108

i was raised catholic. what a GD nightmare. … even the priests don't believe their own BULLSHIT. they run an organized criminal enterprise preying on the simpleminded.

Jeanette No. 32584 1532801295

no wonder folks are sick of churches and priests, pastors. enough put their butts in jail and put them on a sex offender list.

FACT OR PART HYSTERIA? No. 32588 1532809158

Yes the Catholic Church was and still is to a point populated by a number Homosexuals seeking 9 + y/o males. Yes homosexuality is clearly against GOD as both the Christian and Muslim Religions strongly agree.


However, where we as Christians will forgive if they "Sin No More", the Islam side has a Zero Tolerance policy.


The Catholic Church on the other hand has chosen to hide their problems allowing them to abuse their position as moral leaders. Thus corrupting the worship of GOD and Religion in general. The have fallen from grace and become little more than a Political / $$$$$ religion, as they stand now.

The Vatican needs to do a clean sweep (purge) and De-Flock all practicing Homosexuals.

As much as it runs against me, IF those that are found have years of clean service they should be paid severance and released, but those that abused the position should turned over to authorities and jailed.

MawanaNyee No. 32548 1532813868
There are so many priest who get by with such. If they receive any type of "discipline", it is usually by sending them to "rehab". A center that is more like a resort and life of luxury that keeps mad families from getting to them and hides them from them. I know of at least 2 from this town I live in. One purchased liquor, cigarettes and porn mags from the quick stop stores here...seen with my own eyes. He was shipped out, paid some of his older "boys" to come and visit and lived in sin even in "rehab". He got mouth and throat cancer...I am to pray for all but, flesh in me hopes he did not survive what he did to the children. NOW, one grew up to do to others what he has learned.
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