By: Savannah Smith | 05-29-2017 | News
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Schoolgirls in Ugly Brawl By Their Lockers With One Wielding Scissors

Two girls from Oak Lawn Community High School in Chicago figured in an ugly brawl next to their school lockers, and horrifically with one of them even wielded a pair of scissors as a weapon.

The most shocking thing, though, was the fact that the fight escalated with fellow students watching, taunting and egging on the warring girls, and was more preoccupied with recording the fight on their smartphones rather than breaking up the physical altercation.

One of the girls holding the scissors repeatedly tried to hit the other in the school corridor but the other girl fought back just as furiously.

Footage of the brawl was later uploaded on social media, and students can be heard encouraging the combatants to continue fighting. Only when wounds became visible on the other girl did fellow students realize the gravity of the brawl. One spectator can be heard on the video blurting: “Oh, she’s bleeding.”

One brave student finally intervened and forcibly took away the pair of scissors from one of the fighters. The girl who attacked her opponent with the scissors fled the scene before being arrested. Police said she will face charges for the violence and harm inflicted on the other girl.

The other girl suffered injuries to her arms, neck, and head. She was treated at a hospital near the school. The second girl’s mother said that her daughter has been a victim of bullying days before the brawl.

The mother also criticized the school because it only treated the incident as a fight, and that based on the video she herself saw, the serious brawl was halted only because of the courage of one student to step in and wrestle the scissors from the attacker. The mother said her daughter could have died and considered it lucky that she’s still alive from the horrific incident.

The school announced it is still investigating the incident.


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