By: Savannah Smith | 05-29-2017 | News
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Pakastani Teachers Throw Student from Third Floor Classroom

For the simple “sin” of refusing to clean the classroom during her assigned turn, two teachers from a government girl school in Lahore, Pakistan punished a ‘disobedient’ 14-year-old student by pushing her from the third floor of the school building. The poor girl suffered life-threatening injuries due to the fall.

Hospital authorities reported that the victim, Fajjar Noor, sustained multiple fractures and a broken spinal cord from the fall.

The incident happened on May 23 at the City District Government Girls School in Shahdara neighborhood in Lahore but the two teachers involved, as well as a few other school officials, tried to keep the matter a secret. The state education department only learned about the incident on May 27, a Saturday. The accused teachers and the school officials who tried to hide the incident were suspended.

The two senior teachers were also charged with attempted murder. They are identified as Rehana Kausar and Bushra Tufail. The duo first used corporal punishment on the girl, but left unsatisfied, they decided to take her to the third floor and horrifically pushed her down.

Noor’s parents have called on the administration to punish those behind their daughter’s abuse. They also requested for the best medical care for their daughter. The student is still in serious condition and being treated in a hospital in Lahore. Her doctors are trying their best to ensure that she would still be able to walk again considering the grave injuries she suffered from the fall.

The government has launched a thorough investigation into the incident and vowed justice for the child-victim. The government has also promised to bear all the costs of the student’s medical needs. All the involved school officials remain suspended while the probe is ongoing.


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