By: Katherine Davis | 05-29-2017 | News
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Texas on Its Way to Ban Sharia Law

Lawmakers in Texas are trying to pass HB 45, the Texas Foreign Law Procedural Protection Act. The bill is meant to exclude any foreign code of law from state’s courts, which would include Sharia law.

Sharia law, or Islamic law, which is practiced by Muslims, is a set of laws that include amputation, mutilation, whippings, death penalties, marriages between adults and children and several other acts, many not compatible with American constitutional rights. HB45 already passed the Texas House earlier this month and the Senate last week and has now been sent to the Governor. If passed, only American laws are to be used in American courts.

The Center for American Islamic Relations and other pro-Muslim groups are protesting the bill and trying to encourage people to fight against it. They claim the bill would violate their religious freedom.

HB 45 is not the only bill about excluding foreign laws from American courts. In several other states bills with similar goals were introduced in the last year, including Michigan’s HB 4499. Michigan’s bill would be applied in cases in which a foreign law would specifically violate constitutional rights. Instead, the foreign code would be modified or not enacted.

This is not the first time a bill like HB 45 has been introduced in the state of Texas.


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Nerdsamwich No. 3243 2017-05-30 : 05:22

So, what, does Texas have some sort of mystery loophole that gives foreign law standing in its courts? If not, this bill is redundant and stupid, as it unnecessarily antagonizes both visitors and citizens of a particular faith. All of the thing that are to be "banned" by this bill are already illegal. WTF is the point?

margret No. 3258 2017-05-30 : 13:43

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