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Ahed al-Tamimi, the Palestinian teen who faced a military tribunal for slapping Israeli Defense Forces may be free as early as Sunday. This according to the girl's father Bassem al-Tamimi. She was initially to be released on the 19th of August but Israeli Prison Authority may reduce her term due to "special evaluation."

Ahed was sentenced to eight months this March. She is one of 6,000+ Palestinians (around 350 minors) currently in prison in Israel.

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34 hours of sleep deprivation, hours on the prisoner transfer bus and being seriously berated. The interrogation lasted 10 days total. At one point in the video above the interrogators threatened to arrest her entire family if she will not cooperate. She continually invokes her right to remain silent. At another point in the process, the interrogators attempted a "good cop/bad cop" routine:

“Ahed, when I think of my little sister, I see her here [in front of me],” he says, gesturing to Ahed.

“My sister is blonde and her eyes are like yours not like me. Her kind…white! Like you. Really, when she goes to the beach, she’s like a hamburger. How are you in the sun?” He asks if she too turns, "Red, red, red."

It is hard to tell from the angle exactly what is going on, but the officer continually scoots his chair closer to Ahed.

“I’m like your brother, you are like my sister, that is why I am sitting like this, not like that behind a desk,” he points to the other interrogator.


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WOW! No. 32244 1532442910

She either aged a bunch of years in a few months, or she was not the pre-teen age image they dressed her, groomed her for as they tried so hard in the Anti-Israeli friendly media to present.

I see 350+/- Palestinian minors are currently in Israel are prison. This tells me their radical parents family members are using them in many cases to do their dirty work fro them. Because they are too chick-Sh$t to do themselves. It also attracts unearned public sympathy and opinion for their illegal acts.

Tab No. 32263 1532452420

@ WOW! : get lost…… this is a good brave girl who stood-up to the fascist jews who hide behind their all goyim USA army or they'd have been genocided long ago.

Anonymous No. 32305 1532473212

Oy veh, such a girl, what shame, oy veh. Ok back to forcing Gentile women into pornography.

Anonymous No. 32684 1532892074

>>32682 it must have been pretty demoralizing to have a morbidly obese, small minded, ugly slob like Tisha Emberton reject you.

Tisha Emberton No. 32686 1532892429

Yes, I'm morbidly obese, okay? but even I can scrub and wash the layers of dead skin and dirt from between my rolls of fat, but he was a 'misunderstood hippie star wars genius' type who never bathed, his hair smelled like sebum, his chin strap 'beard' smelled like bacteria and stale coffee, and his biceps were skinnier than his wrists.

Anonymous No. 32687 1532892619

>>32683 a lot of superstars got their start at Hastings Entertainment, right between the Sav a Lot grocery store and BigLots

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