By: Savannah Smith | 10-30-2016 | News
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Reagan 240- Strong Alumni Throw Full Support for Trump-Pence Tandem

Key former cabinet members and supporters of one of the most-loved American presidents ever, Republican Ronald Reagan, have thrown their full support to the tandem of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Long-time close Reagan ally and former attorney general Edwin Meese led the 240- strong Reagan alumni in launching their council to back the Trump- Pence team this election. Meese compared today's political situation with what Reagan faced in 1980. Back then, America was confronted with high unemployment and even higher interest rates, a U.S. military that badly needed strengthening and rebuilding, and America's diminished stature on the world stage. But through his determination and great leadership, Reagan as President was able to turn things around by boldly introducing the most dramatic tax cut in American history leading to a stimulation of the economy and creating 20 million jobs in the process. Meese reminded everyone that such a terrific visionary Reagan was that he was able to rebuild the military and institute a foreign policy of ' peace through strength' and amazingly won the Cold War without firing a shot.

Meese said it is exactly what we need today- national leaders that can decisively change the direction of the country. And he sees Trump and Pence as capable of achieving just that. Meese also reminded that Hillary Clinton in contrast would only continue Obama's failed policies, growing the size, scope and cost of the federal government, and putting in peril the national security.

Ambassador Faith Whittlesey who serves in the Reagan administration as Assistant to the President for Public Liaison and twice as his ambassador to Switzerland, also gave his views why Trump can continue the legacy of Reagan, and serve the country well. He particularly approves of the list of the prospective candidates to the Supreme Court Trump has provided. Whittlesey believes all of those on the list will respect the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, and the intent of the Founders.

Whittlesey also gives a thumbs up to Trump's "America First" foreign policy which he thinks will bring about the crucial reassessment of commitments abroad in view of the Americans' nearly $20 trillion in debt. He also believes Trump's push to rebuild our homeland infrastructure.

Former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating who served as Reagan's Assistant Secretary for Enforcement in the Treasury Department, U.S. Attorney, and later as Associate Attorney General also lent his voice to the support for Trump-Pence. Keating specifically praised Trump for embracing the Reagan philosophy of lower taxes, limited government, the repeal of the administrative state, and the right and responsibility of every citizen to determine his own future. Keating said a Hillary Clinton presidency will be the antithesis to such ideals.

The "Reaganites" trio along with their other fellow Reagan alumni reiterated that Trump and Pence support policies that will be key to restoring America's greatness, while Clinton and Kaine's policies will only accelerate America's decline.

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