By: Savannah Smith | 05-28-2017 | News
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U.S. To Leave Paris Climate Change Agreement

Axios news outlet citing three sources with direct knowledge reported on Saturday that President Donald Trump has told “confidants” that he plans to leave the Paris climate change agreement.

The report said that among those confidants include Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environment Protection Agency. Another source told Reuters that several meetings were planned with chief executives of energy companies and big corporations about the climate change agreement before Trump’s anticipated announcement later in the week.

Trump tweeted during the final day of a G7 summit in Italy on Saturday that: “I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!”

Leaders of other nations such as Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan mounted concerted pressure on Trump to honor the 2015 Paris Agreement on curbing carbon emissions. But Trump has said in the past, especially during the campaign, that global warming was a hoax.

Trump’s seeming reluctance to embrace the Paris climate change agreement annoyed German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who called the entire discussion about it “very difficult, if not to say very dissatisfying.” Merkel also told reporters that “there are no indications whether the United States will stay in the Paris Agreement or not.”


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Anonymous No. 3242 2017-05-30 : 04:44

trump only cares for trump, what did you expect, if it all turns to shit, his mutant offspring will probaly start building a space ship/station, hell they'd probably kiss scientologies ass

PS To any Scientologists.. Put me on your hunt list and what I'll do to you will make you beg for the f+++ing aliens to arrive, see ya soon T boy, if you can go face to face that is

Who ya gonna call? CROFLMAO!!!

Anonymous No. 3373 2017-06-03 : 05:04

Donald Trump supports Toxic Waste….


His legs carry him!

Anonymous No. 3374 2017-06-03 : 05:06

Mysterious glow seen over Whitehouse at night

Trump stuck head out of window

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