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More despicable acts perpetrated against innocent people by violent gangs of refugees who are flooding into Europe each year. Just look at the case of an elderly disabled woman in Belgium who was stoned and called names by the Africans. The assault took place Thursday when she was on her way home to meet an acquaintance for a visit when they were threatened by the African mob.

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Suddenly, without warning, the Africans began throwing stones at the elderly woman, "They flew near my head and my scooter was hit. They weren’t small stones, they were street stones of around 15 centimeters across." When the elderly victim pleaded for her attackers to stop and asked why she was chosen as a victim they said it was because she was a "dirty, smelly Belgian."

The shocked woman then said, "I asked them what the problem was and then they called me a dirty, smelly Belgian. They made obscene hand gestures and said they will bring back their brothers and the rest of their families."

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The elderly woman called the police and reported the assault but by the time police arrived the suspects had fled the scene. Several witnesses attempted to aid in the investigation by calling the police.

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Anonymous No. 32125 1532341844

That's pretty diverse behavior. It's pretty rich for Africans to call somebody smelly. Most of them smell like ass.

Anonymous No. 32126 1532341849

Major Kyle, if you've ever smelled a Belgian, you'd understand that they were probably right. It was mighty white of them to get her stoned.

Anonymous No. 32144 1532357374

Surprised they didn't necklace her for being a witch or something

Jeff Allen No. 32180 1532374813

You should read Churchill's take on how far you can trust a muslim! NOT AT ALL!!!

Anonymous No. 32199 1532389977

Worthless fucking Africans

Vic G. No. 32032 1532409333
It is what we have come to expect from these invaders... nothing new here. My question is why is this behaviour so tolerated ??? Those countries spent centuries advancing their civilisation to a reasonable level, and are now so willingly allowing their once justifiably proud nations to return to stone age savagery.
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