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An apartment building in San Marcos, Texas caught fire Sunday morning killing three residents that were trapped inside, according to officials. The report of the fire came in at 5 a.m. at the Iconic Village Apartments in the 220 block of Ramsay Street. The apartments are less than a mile from Texas State University.

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According to law enforcement officials, one person has died, another is in critical condition, and six others suffered minor injuries. Emergency responders still say that five people were still unaccounted for since the fire first broke out. They are, James Miranda,

Haley Frizzell, Belinda Moats, David Ortiz, and Dru Estes.

Since rescue operations commenced, workers have pulled three deceased bodies from the rubble. A family friend of David Ortiz named Tish Eubanks told reporters that Ortiz was a former student from Pasadena Memorial High School. Eubanks and his mother are Spanish speakers and are currently speaking with investigators.

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Eubank said, "You never know, I so hope he was floating the river with friends or something, but I’m just not sure." A whopping 200 people were affected by the fire and property units were damaged. Texas State University is offering assistance to students affected by the fire.

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Major Kyle, approximately 2,550 people die in house fires every year in America, which averages out to approximately 7 people dying in house fires every day in the United States. Why did you choose this story?
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