By: Katherine Davis | 05-28-2017 | News
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Sneaky: State Department Lifts Restrictions on Refugee Admissions

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The State Department lifted the limit on the number of refugees allowed in the US earlier this week. Behind everyone’s back and without official statement from the State Department or the White House, officials sent emails to private refugee agencies and informed them that the weekly quota of 830 people, which had been in place previously, has been lifted. Instead, the amount of refugees allowed to enter is now unlimited

Refugee advocates predict the number of refugees to at least double. Earlier this year, President Trump sought to suspend refugee admission for four months and planned to lower the annual amount from 110,000 to 50,000. With the restrictions in place, the number of admissions in the previous months had been around 15% of previous numbers. Without the limit, numbers at the end of the fiscal year are predicted to exceed 70,000, almost as many as the year before and well above Trump’s target number.

The limits had been put in place due to budget constraints in fall of last year. This month, a spending bill was passed to fund the government for the rest of the year, without any limits on refugee admissions. The removal of the restriction was also decided on the same day as the rejection of the travel ban, which limited travel from six Muslim nations to the United States, but the State Department's decision was unrelated, according to government officials.

For 2018, President Trump’s proposed budget cuts could reduce how many refugees can be admitted to the country. Furthermore, Homeland Security screenings, which are required for refugees to enter the United States, have reportedly slowed down. However, even the proposed budget cuts might not guarantee any changes to foreign aid or the State Department’s budget.


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Anonymous No. 3209 2017-05-28 : 18:09

Blatant treachery. Trump needs to tell the State department members who are doing this "You're fired!" and then shoot them out of a circus cannon over the Mexican border. It's outrageous that they simply go around the president like they can just do whatever the heck they want! OUTRAGEOUS!

Anonymous No. 3214 2017-05-28 : 18:51

nope, the traitor is trump, after all the only "real" amereicans are the "native" americans, all you others are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants, in fact from a geological viewpoint the mexicans have more right than you to enter the us. if you want to talk treachery though, just take an honest look at whats building up around trump. no matter what you say it is statistically improbable that he's innocent of all. on top of that he can't admit his mistakes and he's a bully and a major embarresment to your country. if he ever tried to squeeze or crush my hand i'd yank the coward off his feet and crush his widdle hand, he's only brave molesting women/teens or hiding behind the secret service, the odds are his dick matches his hands, hell ivana and melania probably got artificially impregnated, unless he bought a bigger dick, or used the one on his head.

one last thing, don't accuse me of treachery, i'm neither american nor in america

ps, re the circus comment you made, you know the clown's in the whitehouse, right?

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