By: Savannah Smith | 10-30-2016 | News
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The FBI Reopening of Hillary Email Server Scandal

Newest National Poll Says Clinton and Trump Practically Tied- And That Was Before the FBI Reopening of Hillary Email Server Scandal

No time for blinking now as we may be in for a very pulsating finish to a historic and bitterly fought election. Assuming of course, there are no last minute rigging from the camp that is capable of pulling dirty tricks. Hold your breath, the latest tracking poll just released today reveals that Hillary Clinton's formidable double digit lead just a few days ago has practically vanished. Now, it's just down to a mere 2 percentage points- and the poll has not even included yet the explosive bombshell of FBI's decision to reopen the Hillary private email server scandal in light of new evidence.

The latest results of the daily tracking poll by ABC News/ Washington Post shows that Hillary's previous 12-point lead over Trump ( 50 percent among likely voters compared to Trump's 38) has dramatically decreased that it's now practically, statistically tied, with Hillary at 47 percent to Trump's 45 percent in a four-way race.

Independents are turning the tide for Trump, as Clinton's previous 6 point advantage here has transformed into a 16 point lead for Trump in this category of voters.

The poll also found out that the farther we get since Trump's campaign was shaken by a series of controversies including those sexual assaults allegations, the more likely and willing Republicans said they are of voting, indicating a readiness to move on from the issues hurled against Trump. In contrast, "loosely affiliated" or reluctant Clinton supporters are less likely to come out and vote on election day.

The national poll had 1,148 likely voters as respondents. The survey used landlines and cellphones between the polling period of October 24 and October 27. It alao used English and Spanish to conduct the survey.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. The partisan divisions for the poll are as follows: 37% Democrat, 29% Republican and 29% Independent.

Again, the poll was concluded before the stunning news of FBI reopening the investigation on Hillary private email server controversy.

After that revelation, we might have an entirely new ballgame in our midst. Let's wait how the next few days and new polls will unfold.

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