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U.S. Space Aggressor Squadrons vs. Extraterrestrials

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America’s interest in space is defended by two teams of Air Force specialists in the Rocky Mountains. The first team is known as the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron while the second one is known as the 527th Space Aggressor Squadron.

The Squadrons are charged with the responsibility of training the rest of the military over the possible arguments that might lead to war with extraterrestrials, along with coming up with strategies that would allow them to defend interests of the US in space. The preparation for an alien attack elicits concerns on the feasibility of the Program, sounds like scientific fiction.

The Squadrons are taking up bad guy roles as they play out at intergalactic scale attacking along with provoking troops from the US in mock space battles. They have the mindset that space battles could occur and threaten America just as foreign countries and any other hostile powers. Space Aggressors are charged with the responsibility of training the troops of the US Military to be able to make strategic use of space resources.

This involves exercises such as brute force jamming, using the satellite networks to send signals so that any original messages that are sent cannot be read by outsiders. U.S. forces are being trained on how to fight without the use of any space resources. The forces are expected to fight competently using compasses, maps, and inertial navigation. Such capabilities require satellite communications or GPS.

The 26th SAS chief of training, Captain Christopher Barnes, said that they study any threats to the space realm, which can come from land or space. He went on to say that if they are unable to replicate them directly with hardware, they work out if there is a software solution or whether there is a way that people can be trained so that it is possible to fight through them or if everything else fails, fight in the conflict. The GPS system, which is made up of a chain of 31 satellites, is a major backbone of the American warfare and defense.

This echoes the statements released over recent years by high-ranking officials in the US military saying that more preparation is needed for defending space, more so due to the development of anti-satellite weapons in Russia and China.


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