By: Katherine Davis | 05-26-2017 | News
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Trump Urges NATO Leaders, World to Fight Terrorism

In a speech at the NATO headquarters, President Donald Trump addressed the threat of terrorism worldwide and how important it is for everyone to fight it.

After a moment of silence to remember the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing that occurred just a few days ago, as well as the 3,000 innocent victims of 9/11, President Trump stated how all nations and people who cherish life must stand against killers and extremists who threaten our societies. He stated that terrorists, who he calls losers, must be driven out of our nations and societies and must never be allowed back in.

Following these statements, President Trump talked about his meeting with the Arab and Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia and how he presented his message of fighting terrorism to them. In response, the Middle Eastern leaders were willing to help improve the situation and stop any funds that enable the radical ideology which threatens our nations through terrorism.

President Trump states that he has found renewed hope that nations of all faiths may unite against terrorism to prevent terrible attacks like the one in Manchester. He points out the danger of the thousands of people pouring into countries uncontrolled, without anyone knowing who they are or what their possible intentions might be, saying “We must be tough. We must be strong. And we must be vigilant.”

He went on to talk about the NATO coalition and how, in the future, it must focus on terrorism and immigration and threats from other countries, including Russia. He also criticized the lack of financial support from 23 of the 28 member nations, explaining that their failure to pay their fair share is a strain on American taxpayers. According to President Trump, if all member states pay up, even just 2% of their gross domestic product, it would be enough to make NATO stronger and more resilient against these growing threats and security concerns.

President Trump ended his speech by thanking the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German people for contributing remnants of the fallen North Tower and the Berlin Wall, stating:

“Each one marks a pivotal event in the history of this Alliance and in the eternal battle between good and evil. On one side, a testament to the triumph of our ideas over a totalitarian Communist ideology bent on the oppression of millions and millions of people; on the other, a painful reminder of the barbaric evil that still exists in the world and that we must confront and defeat together as a group, as a world.”

President Trump gave this speech as part of his first international travel as President, after visiting the countries of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican.


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Anonymous No. 3176 2017-05-26 : 16:07

Oh look, President Bankrupcy giving other countries advice….

Pssst.. hey Donald, tell us a secret!

What's that, 23 million unemployed to die because they can't afford vital medicine?

Err grump you know they're not all unemployed?

Anonymous No. 3194 2017-05-28 : 02:56

Gotta love Trump, an asshole whose country only really got to understand terrorism on 9/11 (and please note I do not wish to deride or demean that tragedy), telling Europe and UK what to do, what an unmitigated, prick, too yellow to fight himself and then trying to boss everyone else.

Oh, and Trump you fuckwit.. stop trying to take credit for the Saudi arms deal, it had been in the works waaayyyyyyyy before you became traitor in chief.

P.S. Marines, you knowwho the true danger to America is right now, well?

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