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In 2015, Amir A., 20-year-old Iraqi national, raped a ten-year-old boy at an indoor swimming pool in Vienna, Austria. He grabbed the boy and took him to a bathroom, where he sexually abused him. Later, police officers arrested him while he was still at the swimming pool, as the Iraqi was attempting to jump off a diving board.

Reportedly, the Iraqi citizen was in Austria for merely financial reasons. He confessed to the crime and named sexual lust as a reason in court. Additionally, he was fully aware that his actions constituted a criminal offense.

Originally, the perpetrator had been sentenced to six years; after a second hearing, to seven. His attorney deemed the sentence "draconian" and "excessive" and had the sentence reviewed. The Austrian Supreme Court agreed with the defendant's attorney and overturned the original sentence, which had been passed based on the severity of the crime and the consequences for the victim. Instead, the President of the Austrian Senate, Thomas Philipp, claimed that the future consequences for the sexually-abused ten-year-old boy might be nonexistent.

Philipp claimed a four-year sentence was more appropriate, as he saw the crime as a one-time incident rather than year-long abuse and also considered the Iraqi national’s “remorseful confession,” his lack of known criminal record, and the fact that he had not yet turned 21 at the time of the crime.

Meanwhile, the ten-year-old victim is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. However, the sentence is final. As such, the Iraqi is already few months away from freedom.


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Anonymous No. 3173 1495798201

>sending Allah's child to jail

Anonymous No. 3175 1495814547

One pedophile helping another, at least you have 2 names to be aware of near your children.

Hey! A call out to Austrians, don't let President of the Austrian Senate, Thomas Philipp open any kindergartens!!

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