By: Earnest Jones | 05-25-2017 | News
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Planned Parenthood Executives Jokes About Decapitating Fetuses

Who jokes about guillotined fetuses? Planned Parenthood executives do. A new undercover video that was unleashed on Thursday revealed that the executives altered abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs and said clinics have a financial incentive to sell human tissue.

Pro-life Investigators with the Center for Medical Progress recorded the three-minute video at an annual National Abortion Federation meeting. They also revealed that the video is just a preview of never-before-seen content that has been sealed for almost two years due to legal fights.

The senior director of medical services at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Deborah Nucatola, admits that she altered abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs.

The national director of Planned Parenthood’s Consortium of Abortion Providers, Deb VanDerhei, also admits that some clinics are motivated to sell fetal tissue for profit.

The video also shows the medical director emeritus at Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Paul Blumenthal, saying that he’s aware that Planned Parenthood sells a lot of stuff to people.

The list went on to the director of abortion services at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Ann Schutt-Aine, who also says she’ll hold a fetus in place with forceps to prevent partial-birth abortions.

The video contains a list of top executives that make horrific remarks on abortion, which is overwhelming.

The medical director at Planned Parenthood of Michigan, Lisa Harris, says pro-choice proponents should just admit that abortion is murder.

The video has been unveiled as David Daleiden, lead investigator at the Center for Medical Progress has been charged with 15 felonies by the California attorney general’s office.

The Defense Attorney Brentford J. Ferreira branded the charges as a witch hunt, adding that there’s need for the First Amendment to be applied equally, regardless of whether one is pro-choice or pro-life.

The new legislation repealing and replacing Obamacare intends to defund Planned Parenthood as promised by the Congressional Republicans.


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Anonymous No. 3179 2017-05-26 : 16:41

don't lose your head

Dave Tomson No. 3186 2017-05-27 : 06:29


Sedevecante No. 3187 2017-05-27 : 06:30

Try joking with a flaming pitchfork in your hellbound asses….

Anonymous No. 3268 2017-05-30 : 16:45

DT & S, you do know that killing kids and mass genocide and humanicide, etc was committed by the christian god, it's clearly written in the bible.

also just in case you're really stupid(what am I typing?)

1, the old testament, try looking at the torah.


Mind you, considering the bible is an amalgam, actually, forget it, your not bright enough.

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