By Savannah Smith  |  07-18-2018   News
Photo credit: Egg Harbor Township Police Department

A New Jersey woman faked having a terminal illness and was able to convince a family to take care of her for more than a month. It turned out to be nothing but a deceptive ploy and a sorry act. Police have since arrested the woman suspected of being a con artist.

Authorities have identified the woman as Kiley White, 26 years old, from Galloway. She was charged on July 12 with theft by deception and harassment after staying with an Egg Harbor Township family for five weeks.

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Linda Evans shared to local media that her family took pity of White, because “every day was just like she has one more day to live.”

Detective Sgt. Cherie Burgan says White also pretended to be other people during the investigation, including her own hospice nurse.

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Police say this wasn’t the first time White pulled such an act. She did similar schemes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, too, but she was never charged with a crime.

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The police say that in all those instances when she pulled the same deceptive act, White has preyed on the sympathy and compassion of others, receiving in the process services and goods from those victims whom she scammed.

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It is not clear if she also managed to scam money from people due to her false terminal illness.

White declined to comment on the allegations against her.

The case is being investigated by Egg Harbor Township Detective Robert Harte of the Criminal Investigations Division.

Anyone with additional information, especially from others the suspect may have scammed as well, is requested to email their useful tips and other relevant details to [email protected]


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oh gosh how pathetic her life is. She should be careful, karma may make what is false real. It's bad to play with people's emotions including their compassion.

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It must really suck to be as desperate as Savannah is, clinging to her ridiculous imaginary 'reporter' job at The Goldwater, the internet's most embarrassing piece of shit.

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31650 and it must suck big time not to have the job you want, bum. are you on welfare? what do you do to even earn a living hahaha?

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