By: Amanda Vandenberg | 10-29-2016 | News

FBI Weiner Probe Derails Clinton Train

There are images circulating on the internet of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's assistant in tears as she hears the news of the FBI reopening the Clintongate email case.

Huma’s estranged husband Anthony Weiner, the disgraced New York congressman is being investigated for an unrelated case involving child porn and seduction of a minor by the FBI.

During this investigation, it has come out that Huma Abedin used the Weiner phone to conduct official business. Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign, Huma Abedin and America. She forgot to log out of that phone after using it. The FBI forensic examination of the phone has revealed the emails that were deleted by Hillary Clinton. They were on Anthony Weiner’s phone. The same phone that he used to have cybersex with young girls. The FBI finding new evidence sent a letter to congress Friday to give notice that the case would be reopened. This could be checkmate for Hillary Clinton, and those that have committed political atrocities against Donald Trump. He has already given notice that he won’t be pardoning anyone found guilty from the Clinton campaign. Who could blame him. They have tortured him and his reputation with a constant bombardment of false accusations.

That palace in Qatar that has been cleared out for her is looking like the only safe place Hillary might have to avoid prosecution. If I were her. I’d be on a plane headed in that direction before the FBI has a chance to place her under house arrest.

Can you imagine what would happen if she had become the President of the United States, and some other country had those emails? She could have been blackmailed so easily, and the security of our country would have been seriously put at risk.

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