By: Amanda Vandenberg | 10-29-2016 | News

How a Weiner probe destroyed Hillary's campaign

The Presidential Campaign was shocked Friday night after F.B.I director James B. Comey sent a letter to Congress about re-opening Hilary Clinton Email Case. According to Comey, they have determined a connection with Hillary Clinton email scandal through their investigations of Mr. Anthony Weiner ‘SEXTING SCANDAL‚’.

American politician Anthony Weiner, a former member of the United States House of Representatives from New York City, has been involved in three sexual scandals related to sexting, or sending explicit sexual material by cell phone. Mr. Weiner was caught sexting with a 15-year-old girl which led him to file resignation as a congressman in November 2011. People dubbed his scandal as ‘WIENERGATE‚’. MR. WEINER is Huma Abedin's estranged husband. Huma Abedin, the Clinton Campaign Chairman shared a phone with Wiener to communicate with Secretary Clinton.

The FBI determined that they saw classified information that is relevant to Hilary Clinton’s hacked emails from Wikileaks. Mr. James Comey and the FBI agreed to take appropriate investigative actions in reviewing all the emails.

This could be the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency. Huma Abedin’s ex-husband just derailed Hillary Clinton’s train, I’m sure all the devilish incidents happening throughout this campaign season come to light, in addition to the Project Veritas Action expose`.

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