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Diana, Phil and Burdock probe techniques to finding truth in what Russians say. We'll also hone in on limousine liberals and what damage they caused this last week.

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emerald No. 31463 1531796637

oops broke something and its alive…

emerald No. 31466 1531798143

know thy self , can read all kinds of comments yet must consider yourself as a thinker and researcher to.. can not be spoon fed for ever thus know what is taught in schools for real , long back the slider -community programs sneak into schools /how does that change education and educator for the Putin has offered to talk the ones mueller wanted but then mueller scampered out of that ~!? perhaps the 400 Million for Hillary was a concern to for Mr.Putin as he stated it was illegally gotten from Russia by H or possibly through another country , did H pay taxes on it?or was the money through the C. Foundation \__/ ? or in a brown bag? was the money related to U1 ? um that would of interest too. looking forward to thegoldwater news..

emerald No. 31468 1531799216

not no about any color of people because everyone has been lied to ,, but some ones language just used does not help to further dialog , well there is obviously a long list from each one of you , perhaps write it down, hopefully bury that in its grave and start again , perhaps others will start again with some form or respect and regard. how is the beer and wine

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