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Impressive Penis Gets Man Off!

An impressive penis just dodged a second-degree murder. Richard Henry Patterson is a 65-year-old Florida man who blamed the impressive size of his penis for his girlfriend’s choking to death during sex.

Patterson has been found not guilty of second degree murder. The jury had been invited to view his manhood by his Attorneys.

The case involving the death of 60-year-old Francisca Marquinez addressed the size of Patterson’s penis, which was a significant issue throughout the case.

The focus of Patterson’s defense strategy was the claim that Marquinez choked to death while performing oral sex on Patterson. The defense attorney switched his emphasis to the possibility that Marquinez died of a heart attack or stroke that went unnoticed by Patterson as they had sex.

The prosecutors appear to have failed to sufficiently make the case. This was proved by the doubt raised the concern of another cause of death and the penis defense. The case was dependent on the prosecution proving the specific cause and manner of Marquinez’s demise.

The prosecution saw the county medical examiner testify, saying the woman could have died from asphyxiation in the act. In response, the defense attorney emphasized that the woman’s death was undetermined.

The medical examiner also gave another conflicting testimony, that for the victim to have choked to death on Patterson’s penis, the organ would have had to have been lodged down her throat for two to three minutes, adding that if Patterson’s penis was obstructing Marquinez’s airway, there would have been evidence of struggle.

The key to the ruling was the uncertain nature of the death. One of the family members has called out on the ruling saying that it does not depict justice.

The controversial case saw the Defense attorneys argued that Mr. Patterson’s penis was relevant to his defense and should be shown to the jury. The insisted that if the penis was to be presented in court, it must be erect.

The Assistant State Attorney Peter Sapak underscored the allegation that they were having sexual intercourse to point out that the size of the penis does matter for the defense and it had to be erect. The request to display the penis was never granted.

Shortly after the death of his girlfriend, Patterson told his daughter in a text message that he “did something bad.” He later told a friend, “I choked her. I choked Francisca.”

“He said he choked her,” said Padowitz. “He never said he strangled her.”

Prosecutors also asked why Patterson did not call 911 after his girlfriend died. She had been dead for at least 24-hours when her body was finally found.


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Anonymous No. 3135 2017-05-24 : 11:49


Meg No. 3147 2017-05-25 : 08:43

They should have stated how long is the guy's penis when erect. Surely the man knows. Hard to believe she wouldn't have struggled to come up for air. Sounds like her head was being held down on his penis during oral sex. The fact that he did not call 911 would seem to indicate guilt.

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