By: Savannah Smith | 10-29-2016 | News
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FBI Reopening Case on Hillary Email Scandal With New Evidence

Don't look now but delayed justice may in the end still be justice, after all?

FBI Reopening Case on Hillary Email Scandal With New Evidence hat is, if the FBI would be able to redeem itself and this time do right based on the evidence as it dropped a bombshell of a revelation when it announced that it is reopening the Hillary Clinton private email server controversies.

FBI Director James Comey said that new emails had surfaced that were relevant to the investigation and necessitated a good look. Comey wrote a brief but impact-filled letter to eight Republican lawmakers informing them of the reopening of the Hillary email scandal.

The fresh investigations will try to establish anew whether Hillary Clinton committed a criminal act by mishandling classified information including top-level security matters for the U.S. by sending and receiving communications through a private server email, one that is not secure.

In an exclusive report by Fox News, a source from the Department of Justice said that Comey probably broke protocol by informing lawmakers about the reopening of the case as the FBI normally does not announce reinvestigations. The source said that this case being different due to its political sensitivity with Hillary Clinton aspiring for no less than the presidency is an exemption.

In his letter to Congress, Comey said he feels an obligation to share to them this new development given that he has stood by his earlier announcement that the investigations have been completed by the FBI and DOJ.

Comey was quick to clarify also that the new emails that came are yet to be conclusive pending their investigations. That the emails come in the middle of the election season give him extra pressure but he said the agency had to do a delicate

" balancing act".

The FBI especially has been the subject of ire and criticisms for widespread public opinion that they let Hillary off the hook. This was also bolstered by recent revelations that agents and lawyers from both the FBI and DOJ were silently furious for the decision not to indict Hillary, in disregard to the strong case they have built in a year-long investigation, and putting to waste all their hard work and dedication to the case.

A few days ago, another disclosure shook at the credibility of the FBI anew when it was revealed that a Clinton close ally donated huge campaign money amounting to almost $700,000 to the wife of FBI second-in-command guy Andrew McCabe who ran for a Virginia State Senate seat last year.

Despite the FBI and DOJ putting a lid on the case several months ago by refusing to file charges against Hillary despite her being " reckless", doubts about the case persisted- casting a huge shadow on the trustworthiness of Hillary Clinton. Voters' main argument against Hillary has always been that she can not be trusted.

Let's see if the reopening of the case will shed better light on the matter and finally give the justice earlier denied.

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