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Trump Baits Fake News With 6 Boxes of Double-Stuffed Oreo Cookies

Reporters From Washington Post Fell For Fake Document Regarding Trump’s Supposed Travel Demands to Israel. Wonder who leaked this gem!?

A Twitter account Rogue White House Senior Advisor posted President Donald Trump’s supposed specific demands for his Israel trip, including a very detailed list of the food, drinks, sweets and other accessories as napkins and robes in his hotel room’s presidential suite. Some requests appear frivolous like the paper napkins needing to be from KFC, and only from KFC, and that the Kraft American cheese singles must come unwrapped, or how the president is demanding 3 microwave ovens, with the particular instruction that they must not be plugged, as Trump and team will do the honors. Several Israeli and American reporters and media outfits picked up the post, many retweeting and reacting on the message. Except that there’s one glitch: the post is fake, as is the suspicious account.

The food wish list should have been a giveaway with its playful demands which also includes soft drinks in Trump’s preferred volume, energy drink, cookies, apple pies, donuts of a specific brand and flavor, eggs, bacon, butter, ice, etc. Thrown in the mix is also an 80” plasma TV that should only be in Trump’’s supposed favored brand.

Despite the outlandish “requests” and the obvious detail that the Twitter account bearing the insider info did not provide verification that it is, in fact, actually run by a White House staffer, a Jerusalem Post journalist Anna Ahronheim fell for the joke. She tweeted about it as if reporting it like it were legitimate news. Ahronheim tweeted: “The catering requirements for #TrumpinIsrael seem kinda OCD: 6 boxes of Doube Stuffed @Oreo cookies- unwrapped & stacked in rows of 8…”

Ahronheim was not the only one who fell for the obviously fake post if only one used his/her common sense, instead of jumping on the opportunity to attack Trump anew that “validates” their whimsical, crazy notion of him. Reporters from Jerusalem Post, Business Insider, the Nation, NBC News, the Washington Post and Mother Jones followed retweeting Ahronheim’s tweet. Funny thing is even Glenn Kessler, editor of the Washington Post’s Fack-Checker blog also retweeted Ahronheim’s tweet. Kessler only deleted his retweet when the mistake was pointed out.

It’s a wonder then how can any self-respecting reporter claim to be against so-called fake news when they can’t even tell a “fake joke.”


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Fact checking is a lost concept

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Anonymous 5/23/2017 20:51:14 No. 3115

Fact checking is a lost concept

Especially by Trump

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