By: Savannah Smith | 10-28-2016 | News
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Trump son in a touching random act of kindness

During the second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were asked about the one thing they respect about each other. Hillary Clinton answered she respects Trump's children, in a ploy to evade saying something directly positive about her rival. Hillary's evasive tactic backfired as it turns out, it was actually one of the best compliments she could have given Trump as the Republican nominee seems to have raised pretty good children. And sometimes, the best way to gauge the character of people is through small acts like being a Good Samaritan in everyday glitches.

Donald Trump, Jr. did just that when he went out of his way to help a stranded Arizona motorist.

The Impala was reported to have been stalled a few vehicles away when the temperature in Mesa ranged around 100 degrees when Donald Trump, Jr. got off his vehicle to help push a lady's car off the road. Trump's son also went to get some water for the lady and also called for help.

Donald Trump, Jr. was on his way back from a rally then and Tyler Bowyer, Millennial

Chairman for the Republican Party of Maricopa County was able to film the incident and posted it on Facebook. The video and picture of Trump, Jr's random act of kindness quickly went viral.

Bowyer said the lady Trump, Jr. helped was quite surprised to learn that it was the son of Trump. Bowyer also expressed how proud he was of Trump, Jr. and of his support for the Trump family. He also used the #MAGA ( Make America Great Again), Trump's battle cry, in his social media post.

Trump, Jr. delivered a speech to the students of Arizona State University. He said that millennials are joining Trump as they themselves want to do away with traditional politicians who brought the country to such mess. Trump,Jr. said young voters would also like to contribute in "draining the swamp" as Donald Trump phrased his anti-corruption platform.

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WALEWSKA COLVIN No. 317 2016-10-29 : 20:55

excellent! love it! go Trump! Go USA GO Mr. Trump, you are our next president

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