By: Savannah Smith | 05-22-2017 | News
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Horrible Pro-ISIS Groups ‘Celebrate’ Manchester Arena Attack On Social Media

The authorities are investigating the horrific Ariana Grande concert explosion in Manchester Arena that killed 19 people and left 50 others injured as a terrorist attack. The ISIS has yet to claim responsibility for the act, but its supporters are celebrating online the horrendous attack that took the world by surprise Monday night.

Search International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group (SITE) co-founder Rita Katz highlighted the pro-ISIS post that said: “Kill him everywhere, Britain and England and Manchester and UK and Britain.” Katz tweeted the links to the pro-ISIS sites celebrating the Manchester attack with the message: “No claim regarding blast in #Manchester, but #ISIS accounts celebrating the attack, disseminating media & threats.”

Katz also said that based on her reading of pro-ISIS posts and messages on social media that pro-ISIS users called the Ariana Grande concert a “successful and surprising blow” to Britain. The supporters also framed the attack as retaliation for airstrikes.

Another terrorism analyst based in the U.S., Michael Smith II tweeted links to more posts celebrating the horrendous attacks found on ISIS-linked Telegram channels. Smith said such responses online as a “strong indicator” that the attack was linked to the terror group. He said in his Twitter post: “BREAKING: Key Islamic State-linked Telegram channel now touting initial official statement re ostensible terrorist attack in #Manchester. He followed that up with: “SCREENSHOTS Growing celebrations of the situation in #Manchester on key Islamic State-linked Telegram channels. Strong indicator of IS linkage.

Smith also said on Twitter that key ISIS-linked Telegram channels that have celebrated #Manchester attack now spreading words regarding pound loss relative to the dollar. He also tweeted that indicator managers of Islamic State’s English-language Khilafah News Telegram channels are ramping up posts at odd hours tonight. Another expert Chris Sampson also said on Twitter that: “ISIS related telegram channels seizing upon Manchester blast on Telegram but their chatter indicates they are watching coverage.”

Rita Katz in another Twitter message also warned that: “Lately pro-ISIS accounts have called supporters to “hunt your prey” in #UK providing info on community centers, tourist areas & gov buildings.”


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Lon Spector No. 3109 2017-05-23 : 12:08

Same old, same old.

ISIS and Pakastani pimps can feed on the

bodies of our daughters. They can slaughter

them in masse or grind them up like susage

in meat grinders. That's O.K.

But Heaven forbid you should mention it.

YOU, go to prison.

Anonymous No. 3287 2017-05-31 : 01:29

ISIS are cowards, they like the other groups are only brave with soft targets because they know they get slaughtered if they tried it against a real military force. To true Muslins please don't take this the wrong way, but if they as they claim are doing Allah's work, then that means Allah is a chickenshit pedopkile whose only brave raping kids, shooting, maiming, blowing up the unarmed(usually using brainwashed, ill-educated, illiterate, drugged up orphans). If that's true then I'd rather worship the light-bringer Shaitan, at least he's got balls.

NOTE: Again to true believers I apologise, I just wished to make a point to the baby killers

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