By: Savannah Smith | 10-29-2016 | News
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Hillary Has The Makings of A Dangerous Authoritarian

For all his seemingly strong man pronouncements and his avowed admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin's strength, Donald Trump does not really have the making of an authoritarian, should he win the presidency. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, presents a scary prospect for a true authoritarian.

Such is the view forwarded by Timothy Carney in his latest opinion piece for the Washington Examiner where he serves as senior political columnist. For one, he posits that should Trump win, it would be on the wave of an anti-Clinton sentiments. As it would be a victory with a narrow lead, Carney believes that Trump will not have the popular, broad support to carry out his potential authoritarianism.

Hillary Clinton is an all-together different case. Carney is convinced that Hillary will have the " skills, the dedication, and the elite support in her efforts to crack down on the free exercise of religion, the right to bear arms, the right to join with other citizens in criticizing politicians and due process of the law."

Hillary's reaction to the Supreme Court case Citizens United is illustrative of her mind frame and possibly even vindictive nature. Hillary categorically said that the case was one of the Supreme Court's worst decisions in the nation's history and was merely an attack against her and her campaign. She then vowed to push for campaign finance reform aggressively. Carney says that under a Clinton administration, " right- wing attacks " on her would simply be " reformed away".

Restricting free speech is another potential problem area with mounting calls from various elite circles calling for such, and if Hillary decides to lend her voice on this, she may just get popular elite support.

Freedom of religion will be in peril as well under a Hillary leadership. Carney fears that if elected Hillary's judicial appointees would likely reverse the principle behind Hobby Lobby ruling- that Americans retain their First Amendment right of free exercise of religion even if they engage in commerce. Hillary can always coerce business, schools, various groups to abandon their principles and accept the left's cultural orthodoxy.

And we know how Hillary is not a fan of the Second Amendment, having said in a closed door speech that she thinks the Supreme Court has erred on the Second Amendment. She has also been calling for stricter gun policies. The risks are high she would support broad gun ban measures, in contrast to the principle of the right to bear arms guarantees by the Second Amendment.

Carney says neither is Hillary big on due process as guaranteed in the Fifth. The columnist says Hillary proves her contempt for due process every time she calls for taking rights away from everyone on a no-fly list.

Many of the said civil liberties are being dismissed by most of the elites including rights of gun owners and unborn babies.

Some voters feel they have more reasons to be afraid of a Trump presidency, but as Carney concludes, if voters would care enough to see beyond the candidates' words, and the narrow set of civil liberties most of the elites care about, the stunning revelation is Hillary Clinton is a bigger threat to becoming a dangerous authoritarian.

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