By: Amanda Vandenberg | 10-28-2016 | News

Hillary Clinton Zero Support in Florida

Rumors of Hillary Clinton collapsing in Florida are still only rumors. What is certain is that the Clinton campaign has been canceling rallies all over Florida. Lack of participation by the general public makes the rallies of little use for her campaign. The scheduled rally yesterday for Tim Kaine in Sarasota had only 30 people show up. This event was also canceled.

Hillary may be banking on the win at the polls. Smartmatic the voting machine company owned by Billionaire George Soros. The longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton, advocates world government and open borders. It is rumored that George Soros has also bankrolled the BLM Black Lives Matter movement. That resulted in many injuries and deaths earlier this year.

Smartmatic has provided the election machines for 16 states. Including the state of Florida. Now there won’t be any hanging chads to argue over. Wikileaks has released a classified US diplomatic cable from 2006 that implicates Smartmatic in voter fraud in a Venezuelan election.

The State of Ohio is taking this seriously. This perennial swing state, has been a bellwether in many presidential elections. The Secretary of State for Ohio, Jon Husted has asked for help from both Homeland Security and the military to insure that the elections in the Buckeye State results are completely fair and secure. Hopefully Florida will follow the same strict accountability that Ohio appears to be demanding. Let’s all be vigilant as citizens to make certain that our votes get counted correctly.

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