By: Earnest Jones | 05-22-2017 | News
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Chaos in Manchester as Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert Kills and Injures Concert Goers

The police authorities in UK released a statement on Monday saying that they had responded to a serious incident at a venue in the northern English city of Manchester where U.S. singer Ariana Grande had been performing.

Greater Manchester Police warned people to avoid the area since emergency services were responding to a serious incident at Manchester Arena.

Reports released by witnesses indicated that they heard a huge bang at the venue. One of the videos posted on Twitter showed fans screaming and running inside the venue.

The reports had not been immediately verified on social media. The incident marks the second-highest alert level that has been witnessed. This has greatly increased the chances of militants unleashing an attack.

A number of fatalities have been confirmed by the police after witnesses reported the huge bang. The Network Rail revealed that the train lines out of Manchester Victoria station, which is close to the concert venue, were blocked.

The aftermath of the incident was filed with confusion as several eyewitnesses have described the experience.

The 22-year-old, Robert Tempkin, from Middlesbrough, said that everyone was screaming and running, adding that there were coats and people's phones on the floor. People just dropped everything as they ran for their lives.

Tempkin also revealed that some people were screaming that they had seen blood but other people were saying that it was balloons busting or a speaker that had malfunctioned. The incident drew the attention of many ambulances.


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Anonymous No. 3099 2017-05-23 : 06:58

Terribly sad to wake up to this news this morning. Praying for all the families affected and safety to all my friends, colleagues, agents and clients up north.

Society No. 3267 2017-05-30 : 16:30

We are not afraid

We are angry

Once again you have erred

Corrupters of Islam, et al

Terrorists? No


Cowardists? Yes

Cornered rats, against the wall

Soon you'll be interred

We are Unity

Be afraid.

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