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EU On Brexit Turmoil: “Rats Leaving The Sinking Ship” (Video)

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The EU has reacted to the latest developments in London, which saw two top ministers quit in a 24-hour span with both regret and mocking as EU diplomats compared the latest news within Ms. May’s government as ‘rats leaving a sinking ship’ whilst EU President Donald Tusk quietly hoped ‘Brexit’ could still be overturned.

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Mr Tusk: “When it comes to Brexit, you know, politicians come and go, but the problems they have created for the people remain, and the mess caused by Brexit is the biggest problem in the history of EU-UK relations, and it is still very far from being resolved, with or without Mr. Davis, and unfortunately the idea of Brexit hasn’t left together with David Davis.”

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Mr Jean-Claude Juncker meanwhile, the European Commission President, took a far more undiplomatic approach when asked about the events in the UK of the last day when he was giving a press conference together with Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko as the news broke, referring to the eventful weekend that the conservative Tory party in the UK had: “this clearly proves that at Chequers there was clearly a unity of views in the British Cabinet.”

Over in London, Prime Minister Theresa May has now warned the members of her Conservative Party that they must unite or face the prospect of having the leader of the Labour opposition, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, in power.

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Mr. Jeremy Hunt, who was appointed yesterday evening to replace Mr. Boris Johnson as foreign secretary, said he would be "four square" behind her. It means that all important ministerial positions within the UK government are now taken up by people who voted originally to ‘remain’ in the EU.

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Although the turmoil is far from over, it would appear that Ms. May still has the backing of many former conservative Tory leaders. Mr. Michael Howard, for example, called for a "degree of humility all around".

"I do think it would be extremely foolish and extremely ill-advised for anyone to send in letters to mount a motion of no confidence in the prime minister and I am delighted that good sense seems to be breaking out."

Asked about the resignation of Mr Boris Johnson, whom many saw as the leading ‘Brexiteer’ within the cabinet, Mr Howard stated: "Boris puts things in his own inimitable way but I don't believe the Brexit dream is dying and there is much water to run through many bridges before we can arrive at that rather gloomy conclusion."


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Schermann No. 30855 2018-07-10 : 12:04

The Queen should intervene and dissolve Parliament and reconstitute a constitutional monarchial rule lead by her and have the Royal armed forces take to the streets, close their borders and sweep all non English from their lands. Afterwards reconvene the Commonwealth…

Rocky Lee No. 30905 2018-07-10 : 22:44

Ms May wants Brexit Lite, or a soft Brexit. Next time Britain needs to elect a PM that is a man and does not want to have a "soft" member, even in Parliament.

Ms May should be held to task for her London Muslim Terrorist backing Mayor too. Shove the balloon buffoon.

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