By: Earnest Jones | 05-22-2017 | News
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Muslim Lover Boy Rapes and Beats Up Antifa Chick In Turkey

Project Veritas’ undercover videos featured Lacy MacAuley who is a well-known radical left-wing Antifa organizer in Washington D.C. The videos exposed the #DisruptJ20 plot to violently disrupt President Trump’s inauguration.

It’s no surprise that Lacy fell in love with Islam and became infatuated with helping Syrian ‘refugees’, wholeheartedly believing that Islam is the religion of peace. MacAuley revealed her experience dating a Turkish Muslim man, describing the hell and fear she lived in because he controlled every move she made, beat and raped her.

Lacy revealed that she is a radical activist based in Washington DC. Who fell in love with an energetic, charismatic activist she met in November where she had gone to cover the resistance to the G20 Summit, a global event in Antalya, Turkey.

Lacy also pointed out that after she came back to the U.S., they talked every day, adding that back then he was lovely and charming.

The Turkish man offered a ready smile, engaged in kindness, and intelligent conversation. Back in February, she decided to return to Turkey with the promise of love driving her forward. Little did she know that things would turn sour.

Having had a romantic relationship that moved forward solidly, everything seemed to be going on well.

Surprisingly, Lucy was forbidden from interviewing a local woman for an article on Syrian refugees. The incident sparked their first fight. The Turkish man did not approve. However, he knew the woman and did not like her, so he strictly forbade Lucy from speaking with her.

Lucy questioned his motives, after which the man yelled and stormed out of the room to go smoke a cigarette.

A man has no power to silence a woman. I had put myself in a place of dependence upon a person who, as it turned out, would have liked to keep me by his side and control my every move. He hindered, rather than helped, the work I tried to do there.

MacAuley learned what true Islam is versus what her leftist professors taught her. She faced the absolute frustration of her efforts to do her advocacy work. She also realized that the Turkish man wanted to control every move she made, he also hindered the work she tried to do.

The situation got worse after the man started violently pushing and blocking her from leaving freely. Shockingly, Lucy was forbidden from speaking, failure to which anger erupted. Lucy endured threats that she would be burnt with cigarettes. She had to duck to avoid having sharp objects thrown at her face.

Lucy was also subjected to unwanted sex. The man did not stop to determine whether she consented to sex. The men went to the extent of turning off her wifi and verbally criticized her for using social media.

The dysfunctional relationship between Lucy and her partner is leftism in a nutshell. She was in denial the whole time. However, she still kept believing that the Turkish Muslim man believed in women’s rights because he said so.


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