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Governor Mike Pence's Plane Roughed Landing in NYC

Pence Plane Skids off Runway in NYC.

The Republican Vice President Nominee Mr. Mike Pence was unharmed when the plane he was riding in slid off the runway while landing on a rain-soaked Thursday evening at New York City’s LaGuardia

Airport. It’s the turbulent weather to caused the Boeing 737 Eastern Airlines to have a rough


The pilot slammed on the brakes , and passenger relayed that the smell of burning rubber

was so strong. Mr. Pence stood up after the rough landing to check if everyone on board is all well.

Mr. Pence wife, and his daughter was on board, his campaign staff, and reporters. 10 minutes after

the rough landing rescue team came to respond in the incident. The Democratic Presidential Nominee

Donald Trump checks out his running mate after the incident happened, during his campaign in OHIO.

He assures the crowd that the future Vice President was totally unharmed by the incident.

Bill Clinton's wealth was tied to Clinton Foundation

Two weeks before the election day wikileaks is releasing more memo’s from Clinton Foundation.

In a 2011 memo, an aide to Bill Clinton laid out the messy relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the former president's personal interests, detailing how some foundation donors also paid Clinton to speak and provide consulting services. The memo was released on Wednesday as part of a

Wikileaks dump of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta's hacked emails.

Mr.Doug Band, a long-time aide to Bill Clinton, wrote the 2011 memo as part of an internal audit at the Clinton Foundation. In trying to explain his role in the Foundation, Band also brought up a series of instances he and his consulting company,

Teneo Holdings, helped Bill Clinton secure for-profit contracts. The memo, which was being circulated to some in Clinton's inner circle including Podesta, reinforces Republican criticisms of the blurred lines between the foundation and professional interests of the Clintons and their associates.At one point, Band even referred to the former president’s money-making enterprises as “Bill Clinton, Incorporation.”Band said he and Justin Cooper, another long-time aide, weren’t separately compensated for helping Bill Clinton profit. New Survey Says American’s

Do Not Support Hillary on Gun Ban American’s, even Democrats, apparently do not believe and support Hillary Clinton on her calls for a new assault weapons ban. A new survey says support for such a ban has reached a records low, with Democrats joining the fray with their significantly declining support for a ban. Gallup Incorporation. An American research-based, global performance management consulting company says their recent survey now puts support for an assaults weapon ban at just 39%, from a high of 59% following former President Bill Clinton 10-years ban on assaults weapon.

A record 61% meanwhile oppose a ban on semi-automatic rifle

Twitter is pulling the plug on its six-second video platform Vine.

As struggles continue to grow for the popular but flailing social network, the company announced

Thursday afternoon that the video service would be shut down "in the coming months

."Twitter did not disclose why it was shutting down the service, but in a Medium post thanked those who create or viewed content on the platform. No exact timeline was given for when the service would end, though

Twitter will be keeping the site and its content online "because we think it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made"

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