By: Chris Yalom | 05-21-2017 | News

Nearly 600 Illegal Immigrants Convicted of Sex Crimes Released by ICE

Nearly 600 illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes were released by the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agency (ICE). One of the reasons is that their home countries refused to take them back.

In the latest accounting period for fiscal 2015, a total of 564 illegal immigrants sex criminals were released by the ICE but for legal reason. Since the Freedom of Information Act does not provide the names and locations of the illegal immigrants who committed sex crimes, the Immigration Reform Law Institute can only provide the general classification of the sex crimes. From the 564 illegal immigrants sex criminals, 95 were convicted of commercialized sexual offense, 275 were convicted of other sexual offenses, and 194 were convicted of sexual assault.

From these numbers, 218 were granted bond by an immigration judge, 12 were released due to "prosecutorial discretion" including those who were considered under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and 151 were released because their home countries would not accept them back to their own country.

A 2001 Supreme Court case were applied to this decision because it specifies that the government can’t indefinitely jail an illegal immigrant that was ordered to be deported if their home countries won't take them back.

Executive Director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, Dale Wilcox, said, "The anti-borders left routinely inject sanctimony into the immigration issue claiming that anyone with opposing arguments is morally inferior," "but when statistics like this come out, statistics which show the horrific consequences of having an unregulated immigration system, they merely step over them like they don't exist."

Wilcox’s group has documents showing flaws of the immigration system. The document they have can show that number of illegal immigrants sex criminals that were released could be higher because there are also other law enforcement agencies that are holding the same cases.

These numbers will surely strengthen the groups stand to push for tougher immigration policies.


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