By: Savannah Smith | 05-20-2017 | News
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Man Avenges Waiters by Taking Rude Customers' Domain Idea

Khalil Sehnaoui was in a coffee shop minding his own business when a group of people seated next to him got “loud and rude.” He suggested they tone it down but was ignored. He could let that go, but he also saw that they were rude to the waiters. And that was something he could not tolerate.

The rude people near him were talking about their business plans and were pitching names for their new venture and company domain name. Sehnaoui clearly heard the moment when they found their ideal business name. And he promptly registered the domain himself. And to rub it in, he posted and shared what he did on social media.

Sehnaoui received spectacular approval on social media for what he did - “avenging” the waiters who were treated poorly by the noisy group. Social media expressed their love of his form of revenge.

One shared how amused she was with what Sehnaoui did. “I laughed out loud."

One gave a very sound social observation, commenting, “One day, today’s entrepreneurs will realize we middle-aged, irrelevant people have good reason to hold sensitive meetings in secure offices.”

A barista offered his gratitude to Sehnaoui, commenting, “From baristas everywhere, thank you.”

Another left a sweet message to Sehnaoui on Twitter: “You Sir, are the hero we deserve.”

There is no word if the fledgling business has contacted Sehnaoui regarding the purchase of their dream domain.


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