By: Savannah Smith | 10-27-2016 | News
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Even Democrats don't support Hillary's stand on stricter gun control

Americans, even Democrats, apparently do not believe and support Hillary Clinton, on her calls for a new assault weapons ban. A new survey says support for such a ban has reached a records low, with Democrats joining the fray with their significantly declining support for a ban.

Gallup says their recent survey now puts support for an assaults weapon ban at just 39%, from a high of 59% following former President Bill Clinton's 10-year ban on assaults weapon. A record 61% meanwhile oppose a ban on semi-automatic rifles. Support for a hand gun ban is at its lowest, with just 23%.

The survey respondents gave varied answers for why their support for a gun ban is declining, but Gallup believes it could be due to citizens' discomfort with potential federal government overreach. What the survey may have failed to articulate, is the increasing number of Americans buying arms to protect themselves following the spate of recent terrorist shootings.

The survey results showing a growing opposition for a gun ban may be an indication of a backlash against calls by some in the national media and federal government to ban specific weapons following several mass shootings. Gallup says such backlash reflect Americans' apprehensions that the government may infringe upon particular civil and personal liberties.

Interestingly, the survey also reveals that fewer Democrats now support such gun ban. Support for a gun ban reached 63% in 1996, now it's down to just 50%. It is a striking result since the Democrats have been instrumental in pushing for stricter gun laws. Their own nominee Hillary Clinton demands stricter gun policies.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has endorsed Donald Trump, and is running ads against Hillary Clinton who the organization believes -just like on several other issues as private email server and Benghazi is also lying about her support for the Second Amendment, the right of American citizens to bear arms. In a closed door speech, Hillary claimed that the Supreme Court erred on the Second Amendment, and there are fears that if she gets elected, she will move to have the right to bear arms amended.

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