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#MarchAgainstSharia Gains Stronger Ground, All Set On June 10

The planned and highly-anticipated #MarchAgainstSharia is gaining strong ground as the event’s official Twitter account announced that #MarchAgainstSharia is now in 18 states and 23 cities.

The message also asked followers and believers of the cause to retweet and share the thread and indicate which locations are committing to joining the meaningful march. The post, after only a few hours, has so far gained over a thousand retweets and nearly a thousand likes.

The official Twitter account of the event also posted the places who have expressed solidarity with similar and simultaneous events for #MarchAgainstSharia from states and cities as Atlanta in Georgia, Chicago in Illinois, Indianapolis in Indiana, Wichita in Kansas, Lansing in Michigan. Those who also expressed support and commitment are like-minded people and organization with planned #MarchAgaisntSharia from St. Paul in Minnesota, Kansas City in Missouri, New York City in New York as well as Syracuse, Raleigh in North Carolina and Portland in Oregon. Not to be missed also are those willing to make a stand against all forms of women’s oppression in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Austin, Dallas and Houston in Texas, Richmond in Virginia, Seattle, Washington, and others.

The locations, addresses for assemblies and time for the various #MarchAgainstSharia across the U.S. are also indicated in the official Twitter account of the event.

The #MarchAgainstSharia is being organized as a call to action against the many forms of real women’s oppression and abuses in sharia, the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. #MarchAgainstSharia is specifically asking anyone who is against child brides, honor killings, FGM ( female genital mutilation) , gay persecution, other forms of women’s abuses like wife-beating, genital mutilation, forced and arranged marriages, and many others, to join the big rally on June 10.

The #MarchAgainstSharia is being planned not just all over the U.S. but with parallel marches in the United Kingdom as well. Supporters are also planning solidarity events for #MarchAgainstSharia in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Jaoan and India, among others. Plans are being concretized to make the campaign a global march against oppressive sharia law.

Social media users continue to show their support to the #MarchAgainstSharia with one commenting that “This is the USA, not 3rd world country so practice constitutional law and American law.” Another made a clarification to some confusion being created intentionally or unintentionally by some other users and said the march is against sharia law that reduces women to the second-class citizen. Another one said that sharia simply should not exist in the U.S., period.

Anyone interested in fighting all forms of women’s oppression, cruelty and abuses against women in America and who wish to participate in #MarchAgainstSharia can get more information and event updates by following March Against Sharia on Twitter with the handle @MarchAgstSharia, or by signing up at


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