By: Savannah Smith | 05-19-2017 | News
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Rosenstein Kills MSM Conspiracy Theory On Comey’s Firing

Rosenstein Kills MSM Conspiracy Theory On Comey’s Firing

People’s Pundit Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Richard Baris tweeted a sharp and solid observation regarding the Comey firing controversy. Baris’s message is clear. The mainstream liberal media is reporting of it is not. They are too obsessed with their conspiracy theories to explain Comey’s firing.

Baris made the tweet after deputy-general Rod Rosenstein's second day of appearance in Congress on Friday. Baris tweeted:

“The whole “Trump fired Comey because he was getting too close” conspiracy is dead. Rosenstein just killed it.”

Prior to Rosenstein’s appearance in Congress, liberals in the mainstream media were having a field day spreading their belief that Comey was fired because Trump is so enraged with his continued probe into the supposed Russian hacking of the election. The liberal media even sensationalized such theory with the little anecdote that Trump purportedly would scream at television clips about the probe. They also said that Trump could have been fired because he just requested for additional resources and tools to help him dig deeper and investigate better the Russian election interference issue.

Rosenstein stood by his earlier statements about Comey’s firing and shut down all the outrageous conspiracy theories by the liberals. Rosenstein firmly maintained that the U.S. justice department had been, in fact, considering firing Comey for months even before Trump finally terminated him. Rosenstein said he was even discussing as early as in one of his first meetings with then Senator Jeff Sessions last winter the need for new leadership at the FBI.

Rosenstein affirmed in Congress his May 9 memorandum recommending the firing of Comey to President Trump because the former agency chief was guilty of a series of errors that departed from the proper role of the FBI director and damaged public confidence in the Bureau and the Department (referring to the Department of Justice). Rosenstein also denied liberal mainstream media’s reports that Comey had been fired after requesting additional resources for the FBI’s Russia probe. Rosenstein said he is not aware of any such request, something which his staff and acting FBI director Andrew McCabe are also not aware of.

Baris followers on Twitters had interesting reactions as well to his post. One said that unfortunately “The left will just ignore it.”

Another pointed to Baris: “I’ll tell you what has no credibility, “the left”.” Another expressed his resignation with the dynamics of mainstream media: “Since the story *always* was essentially made up, what good does new info “disproving” it do? MSM will just move onto new fake sources…”

One also stressed that sadly, the liberals in mainstream media are dominant as he asked, “but who has control of what stories are “dead” or not?”, and he then added a link to a New York Times story with the headline, “Trump Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation.”

And then another one slammed mainstream media: “Don’t think it was ever a ‘conspiracy’. Just wishful thinking bullshittery # fakenews. The true ‘conspiracy tards’ are actually sophisticated.


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