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If you thought the robot that could run, jump, and do an occasional backflip that was developed by Boston Dynamics was scary, be prepared for the terrifying new robots being developed by Disney. It is an ironic juxtaposition to see the child entertainment giant pioneering acrobatic robotics.

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Disney has taken a giant leap toward the future with the unveiling of a humanoid robot capable of performing stunts just as good, if not better, than an actual trained person. The video unveiling Disney's new robots debuts what has been dubbed the Stuntronics robot performing a series of acrobatics that involve launching itself dozens of feet in the air.

The revealing of Stuntronics follows just one month after Disney revealed its Stickman robot. Both robots are being developed by Disney’s Imagineering Research and Development department. The department was established a decade ago with the initial goal of exploring virtual reality, robotics, and other cutting-edge technology.

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The Stickman robot was the Imagineering Research and Development department's first iteration of a human-sized robot capable of performing extreme stunts such as backflips. The first job for the stunt robot will likely be performing as a mid-show attraction at Disneyland. The possibilities are endless for the future application of the robots; soon they could even replace actual human stunt performers used to shoot difficult and often dangerous scenes for films.

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