By: Earnest Jones | 10-28-2016 | News
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Putin denies meddling in the US election

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has commended the Republican nominee Donald Trump saying. “That the amazing works that Trump is doing by encouraging the American citizens to rise against the elites and their wicked plans.”

Putin also made it clear that the Russian government has no business meddling with the November 8th election. He added, “That the allegations laid upon him by Clinton’s campaign and the United States government are only meant to distract the American people.”

Vladimir Putin sarcastically posed a question at the Valdai Club which is an annual gathering of Russian and International World policy experts asking, “if United States of America was some sort of banana republic?”

He continued to question the thought of Russia being in a position to influence or undermine the choice of the United States Citizens saying that was unlikely.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security had made claims that accused the Russian government of hacking The Democratic nominee’s email servers in the beginning of this year. The Democratic nominee’s campaign also laid claims that the Russian government was behind the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman’s email account. This comes at a time when Julian Assange the WikiLeaks founder has completely denied any connection with the Russian government saying that there are no Russian hackers behind the hacked emails.

There have also been several claims from the United States government that have accused State-linked Russian hackers of several attacks on the United States voting systems in some states. The Russian President has come out clearly opposing such claims and denying any involvement in the hacking.

The United States government through the Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the Obama administration was sure that the Russian government was involved in the email hacks and attacks, but the voting system breaches were not yet clear. In a statement made by the Secretary of State John Kerry at the University of Chicago, he re-assured the American people that he had confidence in the American election system; he said that being a state-run operation, it is very difficult for any nation to meddle with the vote counting.

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