By: Earnest Jones | 10-28-2016 | News
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Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton Wins

The Republican nominee has had great success in attracting thousands if not millions of supporters on to his campaign trail. Every time he happens to visit a certain state or city, thousands of supporters show up to back him up; in almost all Trump’s rallies, there are long queues of fans awaiting to hear from the Republican nominee. In contrast, the same supporters are always more than willing to catcall the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and happily shriek at Trump’s message.

As the November election is around the corner, the emotions are changing adversely as Trump supporters are not just taunting the Democratic nominee anymore. Their emotions are taking a different turn. This comes from the realization that Trump’s claims of a rigged election by the media and Clinton’s campaign are viable. This has led to deep concerns from Trump’s supporters as they contend with the awful reports.

Many Donald Trump’s supporters have expressed their anxiety towards the fear of Trump losing. Saying that they fear that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will not address their concerns.

Some supporters believe that this will lead to chaos in the United States if Trump doesn’t get to the White House.

According to a statement made by Jared Halbrook, a 25-year-old from Green Bay; “It’s very unlikely for Trump to lose the election. He said that would only happen if the election is stolen.” He added “That if Trump loses that could lead to another Revolutionary war; this clearly depicts the spirit amongst the astounding Trump’s supporters.”

Jared said that there is a great chance that if Trump doesn’t win the election, the American Citizens will march on the various capitols across the United States. Jared added that the American citizens will do whatever needs to be done to make sure that they get Hillary Clinton out of the White House by any means necessary.

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